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Operations Management

We develop tailor-made operational excellence solutions that support our clients in meeting their challenges over the long term. We focus on effectiveness of operational processes, reducing waste along the entire value chain and targeted use of digital technologies.

Process Design

We help clients improve and create business processes for delivering products and services that meet and surpass customer expectations.

KPIs Audit

We help clients gain leverage by establishing realistic, mutually agreed upon performance plans, and by more effectively managing the performance of their people.

Project Management

We help our clients initiate, plan, execute, and close their projects to meet customer and stakeholder expectations on time and within budget.

Change Leadership

Our change management approach includes proven change methodologies that create alignment, engagement, and business results. We support our clients through designing and mapping the future state, determining change readiness, development of leadership abilities, implementing new technologies, processes and practices, employee engagement, and alignment of strategy, culture, people and results.

Training & Skills

We help clients assess and improve team effectiveness focusing on team goals, roles, processes, relationships and collaboration with other teams.

Digital Maturity

Business Analysis

Data Utilization

Ivan Enchev

Let me help you fix your operations, processes, customer satisfaction, digital presence and technology utilization.


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Smart Goals

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Employee Expertise